Savin Hill Farm Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a well-rounded atmosphere of education, fun, and safety for horses and riders. The philosophy at SHF is inspired by an “Old School” approach to the equestrian world and includes an emphasis on horsemanship, hard work, responsibility, and sportsmanship. When these basic principles are met, our riders and horses will be able to perform to the best of their abilities.

SHF Core Values

SHF is structured as a Team and as such each member is expected to provide support for each other and for their horses. Riders are not required to enter competitions, but are encouraged to attend to support other SHF team members and to help out where they can. We, as a team, will approach our sport with respect for others, our horses as well as for ourselves. We can therefore be proud of our personal and competitive accomplishments without bringing others down.

The care of our horses at SHF takes priority. Horses are not forced to work for us they choose to work for us. We must all, therefore, take the responsibility to ensure their welfare, even before our own comforts. Every horse must be groomed, hooves picked, and acceptably clean before and after work. Every team member must sweep after their horses before and after their rides. SHF team members will be able to take pride in the care their horses receive not only from the facility but also from them.

Savin Hill Farm intends to produce equestrians who understand responsibility, teamwork, hard work, and fun. They should be able to take these life lessons to the classroom or work and apply them to their lives outside of the barn. When we enter competitions, we do so to learn, to strengthen our connections with our animals, to have fun, and to do as well as we can in an atmosphere that tests our abilities. We will be proud of our accomplishments and open to learning from our mistakes.